Why Use A Specialist to Plan Your Honeymoon or Destination Wedding: The difference in booking with a trustworthy professional v. online.

Weddings are overwhelming, and so is travel. Put them together and you have a huge task at hand. Our Specialists work with couples daily saving them from stress, wasted time, and misguided travel spending.

We truly believe every couple deserves honeymoons1a perfect romantic getaway, unique to their personalities, so our Specialists help guide each couple to their ultimate, amazing experience. Many couples have a common question for us, why should they book their special travel with a Specialist from Carrousel Travel, instead of booking online? This is a completely valid question, as many couples getting married aren’t familiar with travel agencies. What we find happens after we explain just a few of the benefits, is our couples come to us not only for their honeymoon or wedding travel, but then continue to come back to us for all future travel planning. Save yourself from stress and frustration, pouring dollars down the drain on falsely advertised resorts, hours upon hours searching the web at all hours of the night, and let us take the reigns for you! Take a peek at what we share with our couples who ask the same, frequently asked question:

Why use a Carrousel Travel Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist?

  • We narrow the internet down for you, we are not the internet.
    • We are real people who give honest, and accurate guidance. So many times couples come to us after they have attacked their honeymoon or destination wedding planning themselves, because they are overwhelmed, and don’t trust the internet. Rightly so, the internet can tell untruths, feature enhanced resort photos, and fancied-up descriptions of themselves, creating a completely unrealistic idea of themselves which ultimately leads to a disappointing experience that should be the trip of a lifetime. Our team of Specialists weed out the disappointments, and only offer our couples high quality and best value options.
  • We ask you questions, which you probably wouldn’t otherwise consider.
    • What kind of nightlife to do you enjoy? Does it matter where your room is within the resort is located? Do you have any dietary or medical restrictions? Does having a variety of restaurants and bars matter to you? Would you prefer an adults only or family friendly resort? Are you interested in a all-inclusive experience? – These and so many more are things that may seem like no big deal, but when all of them are tailored to what you prefer, the entire experience can be that much better.
  • We clear up the confusion.
    • A room at a resort online sounds so similar to the “premium” room that costs $1,000 more, is it worth the extra money? what’s even included in the difference? – Sometimes the answer is that there is a huge difference with amazing added amenities, while other times the price difference isn’t as valuable as the resort may be pricing it at. As Specialists, we can quickly and easily clear up confusion such as this, making it effortless on your part.
  • We offer payment plans.
    • When you are already planning a wedding, costs can add up quickly. If you aren’t comfortable paying for the travel arrangements in full, we will help set-up payment plans that best suit your lifestyle.
  • We make sure your travel goes smoothly, even if interrupted by weather or schedule changes.
    • You are aboard the plane, excited to fly away to bliss. Just as you think it’s time for take off, you hear the pilot’s voice over the intercom as he explains in an overly optimistic voice, that there has been mechanical difficulty and your flight is now delayed 2 hours. You have a private transfer scheduled to take you from the airport to the resort, but now with this delay, what do you do? If you booked online, you cross your fingers and hope you can find an affordable substitute once you arrive,  and hope that the resort doesn’t think you are a no-show and fill your room with someone else. If you booked with a Specialist, both the transfer service and hotel will be alerted of the schedule change, and aside from the delay, everything will go smoothly with no effort on your part.
  • We do not settle for our guests to be “walked.”
    • Some might ask, what does it means to be “walked” This is when you arrive at your destination, and the resort says they overbooked and will be relocating you to different accommodations, not necessarily similar ones. Resorts via online booking tools oversell assuming there will be a certain amount of no-shows. If you booked with a Specialist, getting “walked” is not something you are likely to ever experience, as online bookings are the first to get the boot!
  • We tell you the “dos and don’ts” of each destination.
    • Do you know in one of the Caribbean islands, you cannot wear any camouflage upon arriving at the airport or while touring the country? We do, and we would share that detail with you prior to travel. We also know countless amount of facts and tips to make your trip easier and better, and who wouldn’t want that?
  • We send you all travel documents and information you will need.
    • No need for you to worry about finding the right confirmation numbers, travel itineraries, or other useful information for travel. Our Specialists send hard copies right to your door, and can email them as well.

We offer all explained above, and so much more, some listed below. If you still are not convinced working with a Carrousel Travel Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialist is worth it, I challenge you to schedule a complimentary consultation to see for yourself what it is like to work with a Specialist. Never again will you want to waste your time and money booking travel online.

  • Help you start a honeymoon registry website. Yes, a registry where guests can buy “gifts” contributing towards your trip. It’s amazing. www.thehoneymoon.com
  • Maiden name versus taken name, which should you travel with?
  • Advise current airline restrictions and regulations.
  • Offer travel insurance.
  • Make sure you have the required identification to travel. Rules change, you would be surprised at some requirements but we stay up to date.
  • Advise of any vaccines required or recommended by the destination of travel.
  • Assist with travel insurance claims should need be.
  • Contact the resort in regards to special requests made by guests.
  • Offer opinions and ideas on your trip, whether it’s a wedding or honeymoon.
  • Checked versus carry on luggage, help by offering the best way to save money and bring your belongings
  • Your Wedding Dress – The best way to get it to the resort
  • Help you come up with special ideas to do for your significant other to surprise them with.
  • Include day of wedding details in travel documents.
  • Answer any questions regarding travel and the destination wedding itself that guests may have.
  • Monitor last minute flight schedule changes.
  • Provide the best support possible should weather present travel challenges.
  • Take care of any problems with the airlines or resort, should any issues arise during your travel.
  • Give you directions for travel, including where to go at the international airports for transfers and check-ins.
  • Explain the difference between a legal and symbolic wedding.
  • Share excursions available for your trip.
  • Offer air and hotel packaged together to get you the best rate available.
  • Show you pictures we have taken from traveling ourselves.
  • Advice of best travel times and storm seasons.
  • Handle guests reservations and plans for destination weddings, so the wedding couple doesn’t have to handle family & friends’ questions.
  • Discuss the wedding packages and options available in different destinations
  • Offer creative ways for guests who might not have the same budget as some others attend your wedding.
  • Offer an ear for you to funnel all of your dreams and desires for your romantic travel.
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