Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings are an amazing and beautiful way to celebrate the beginning of a marriage and future together. As Honeymoon & Destination Wedding Specialists, we have heardcountless stories of the wonderful experiences couples have with their close families and friends at their destination wedding. A destination wedding can be one of the best decisions a couple makes, especially if you seek guidance and advice from trained professionals.

Let us handle the plethora of details and take the stress away! We have been to the top destinations and studied their specific features and differences. Whether you want your ceremony at a secluded island resort, an exotic getaway, or a historical venue, we can find the perfect fit.

It’s all in the details…

When we say we take care of all the details, we truly do. Your destination wedding options really have no limit; however there are a lot of things to consider.

Beginning with the destination itself, we spend time getting to know each couple, to ensure the destination they select suits them. From there the list spirals through various resort options, whether it be an adults-only or an all-inclusive. Once we narrow down the resort that suits you and your family, considering the travel time, budgets, and even considering the weather seasons, we stay with you every step of the way.

Your wedding guests…

When it comes to your guests’ travel plans, this is an area where as destination wedding specialists we take an enormous amount of stress off your shoulders. If a guest contacts you wanting any information about the wedding, all you have to do is direct them to us and we can handle any questions or concerns they have.

Many times you will find that your guests’ budgets vary quite drastically, which can present a bit of a problem. You may want to spend your wedding at a high end all-inclusive resort, however there may be some of your guests who prefer to stay at a more modest hotel or resort. We handle situations like this frequently, and we can find you locations that offer a variety of hotel and resort accommodations to fit different budgets and options.

Also when it comes time to directly discuss budgets and payments with your guests, we can handle that for you so you can avoid having to discuss that private information with friends and family.

We are here for you, and ready to start planning your romantic destination wedding!


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