Honeymoon Surprises – Do something special for your loved one

You are finally jet setting away on your romantic honeymoon, the best part of the wedding! To make this trip even more special plan a surprise for your special loved one while on your honeymoon! Perhaps you are taking off the day after your wedding, or you may have delayed your honeymoon due to a variety of reasons. Whatever the timing of your honeymoon, surprising your spouse on this romantic trip is a great addition and makes it that much more memorable. Here are some ideas our specialists have thought of and helped set-up for the one doing the surprising! We can help arrange these ahead of time, so your loved one will be completely surprised when you wow them with these ideas!

  • Have a private, candlelit dinner on the beach to enjoy a romantic evening together.
  • Have a bouquet of their favorite flowers pre-delivered to the room for when you arrive.
  • Re-create part of your first date, or incorporate some memories into the trip.
  • Arrange a honeymoon photo shoot during a special activity or on the beach to keep some special memories of the trip.
  • Place a special gift on their pillow while your spouse is out of the bedroom.
  • Change the room category without them knowing, and upgrade to a suite, beach front, or personal pool room.
  • Upgrade your flights seats to first class and fly in style!
  • Have the band play your wedding song during entertainment one night.
  • Arrange a private tour or excursion you know they would love!
  • Wake your loved one up every morning with a poem or letter, letting them know how much they mean to you.


Get creative! Anything you can think of, we can help make happen!

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