Jamaica – Negril, Ocho Rios, Montego Bay – Which is the best area?

Jamaica is a beautiful island paradise with coastal lowlands, a limestone plateau and the Blue Mountains, a group of volcanic hills in the east. This island not only provides a blissful escape into paradise, but also offers an abundance of adventures! Whether your ideal getaway is lying on the beach every single day, or adventuring from one experience to the next, Jamaica’s “no problem ‘mon” style lets you truly escape into bliss.


Something we get asked almost daily, and often multiple times a day, is which area of Jamaica is the “best?” Of course our immediate answer is that none of the three regions are really “best,” but rather each area is better than the others for different reasons. So, let’s break it down, Jamaica style.

Montego Bay – Here you will find buzzing Jamaican culture, as it is the busiest area to visit, closest to the airport. MoBay, as they call it, is known for its hip strip – which has shops and plenty of things to do and see, excursions and tropical beaches. This area also is known for the Rose Hall Plantation historical site, which according to popular legend, is an area haunted by the supposed witch, Annie Palmer. Not only that, but you can also practice your golf swing, experience the medicinal benefits of Doctor’s Cave Beach mineral springs, and coast down the river on a bamboo river raft.

Ocho Rios – This area would have to be classified as the adventurous area of the three in Jamaica, although every destination has excitement to offer. Here you can partake in a Bob Marley life tour, and embrace the “irie” mentality, as Marley sings, “…every little thing, is gonna be alright.” After learning all there is not know about Marley’s life, take a bobsled ride on Mystic Mountain, up in the tree tops!  If you are still up for some adventuring, try exploring Dunn’s River Falls, ATV riding, or ride horseback along the beach.

Negril – By far the most relaxing area of Jamaica, Negril is known for its 7 mile stretch of beach with pristine sand. Jump into the YS falls for a bit of excitement or visit Rick’s Café, where extreme cliff jumping takes place, and has been featured in the media quite frequently! The calm and relaxing atmosphere of Negril is mirrored by it’s lush beauty, and also has some resorts making substantial efforts to be “eco-friendly.”

When all is said and done, Jamaica is amazing and the total package – exciting, relaxing, cultural, tropical. You name it, you can experience it there! Jamaica will always have a special place in our hearts.



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