Taste of a Place – Jamaica

To piggy-back off of our last blog, Club MoBay , now that you know how to get through the Jamaican airport with ease, you need to know what tasty treat to snack on! While most people think of Jamaica for wonderful jerk foods, the Patty is a true local, and delicious, specialty.

  • Patties are hand sized golden pastry pockets served in a plain brown paper bag, and filled with spicy beef, chicken, cheese or veggies
  • Sometimes referred to as “Jamaican Pop-Tarts,” they are good for breakfast, lunch or even dinner if they last that long – they usually sell out early in the day!
  • They are very inexpensive – cost about $1 US
  • The locals like to argue which is better – Tastee Patties vs. Juici Patties, but most agree all taste great.
  • Many hotels have them as well as convenience stores or even gas stations, but for the authentic experience find a local pattie shop.
  • Club Mo’Bay serves them complimentary in their airport lounge, but you better watch closely for refills as they disappear quickly.
  • If you can’t get enough of them, you can even purchase frozen patties at the airport and bring them home.
  • For those really interested, check out this article on the battle to be the best patty known to Jamaica! http://www.caribbeantravelmag.com/articles/patty-wars

This Insider Tip from our Caribbean Insider – Lori Bruns lbruns@carrouseltravel.com – With multiple trips to Jamaica, I have visited all around the island, from the main resorts areas to off the beaten path locations including Whitehouse, Savannah la Mar, Port Antonio and Nine Mile.  I might even happen to have a box of patties waiting in the freezer at home to enjoy with a cold Red Stripe!

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