Taste of a Place – Riviera Maya, Mexico – Visiting the Tallest Pyramid

 MexicoWhile most people think of the more well-known pyramids of Chichen Itza and Tulum, on my last visit to the Riviera Maya we visited the lesser known pyramid at Coba.  The pyramid is 137 feet tall, and 120 steps to reach the top.  It is not a free standing pyramid, but built into a hillside.  Chichen Itza has 97 steps to the top, and is not open for the public to climb.A few facts about Coba…

  • Located about 2 ½ hours from Cancun or 1 ½ hours from Playa del Carmen
  • The settlement is estimated to be established between 100 BC and 100 AD, and abandoned around 1550 when the Spanish conquered the peninsula.
  • At one time up to 50,000 Maya lived in 6000 structures in many settlements in the 30 square miles of the site; today 3 settlements are open for public viewing.
  • Lori & DaveA walking tour of the site takes about 2.5 hours; bikes are available for quicker transport between areas, or take a chauffeured tricycle tour.
  • On the way to the site you might visit some craft villages – many feature crafts from the indigenous Maya who still live in the area today.
  • There are stone & plaster roads called Sacbe leading from Coba to other trading cities as far away as Honduras.  The Sacbe radiate from the main pyramid area, and the longest one discovered is 100 KM = approx. 62 miles from Coba to Yaxuna.   You will walk along some of the same roads the Maya walked over 2000 years ago!


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